About the Authors


Frontal Q. Parks
Frontal Q. ParksA moral theorist who has headed a series of panels regarding the encroachment of technology on Western society. His innovative proposals for alternative zoological initiatives have garnered him much praise and contempt alike.
Scrodox Ramón
A man of leisure, regression, and cloak-like solipsism; can often be found behind Italian sunglasses thinking in diatribes.
St. Oppenheimer
A curator of alchemy, dirges, and transmutation; a eulogizer of glam, crooner of designer Valium and Futurism; a nocturne; a vestal limerick.
An intergalactic traveler of space and time. Despite JOTŐs expansive accumulation of wealth, knowledge, and status, he remains very down to planet Kortobor.
Alasdair Sternum
A highly decorated cook for the British Royal Navy's submarine division; he once escaped imprisonment from the Spanish Armada using only a straight pin, a burlap sack and a frozen beef brisket.
Crusader Rabbit
Soared like a comet, illuminating the bleak sky of all-male porn industry. Pioneering films in medical and fart fetish, Crusader transmogrified the seedy underpinnings of adult films, bringing to them an acting virtuosity that transcended the best work of Vince Vaughn, Tim Roth and Paul Reubens. Later made his way to the Philippines where Curry Pete's continues to support his insouciant lifestyle. Don't Waste It is an undisputed classic in the Queer Erotic Film Canon.
Brad Freely
Contributor Brad Freely is the author of many long and famous novels. When not writing, he spends his free time.
Wholly Mackerel
Wholly Mackerel is currently in a river.
Eileen O'Toole
A poet and artist residing in Saint Paul, MN. She is a founding member of the Laurel Poetry Collective.
Joe Mueller
A financial mogul residing in Philadelphia. He aspires to someday work in the NYSE.
Mark Spitznoggle, A.U.P. (Associate of Underage Poetry)
Mark lives in Hebo, Oregon with his wife Chad and children Macy and Greggory as well as their nine ferrets. Other than writing, Mark enjoys reading history books on topics including zippers, the origin of one-handed push-ups and Fred Savage (his favorite book thus far is Totally Awesome, the autobiography of Fred Savage)